THSA Christian Record Company

T.H.S.A. (The Holy Spirit Abides) Records is a Christian record company owned & operated by Independent Artists for Independent Artists.


THSA (The Holy Spirit Abides) Record Company is a Christian, Black, Woman-owned company founded and operated by Katrice Cornett & Elaine Sanders-Mayfield. Established on the belief that God Almighty is the creator of all things and that music is one of the creations He uses to teach the word. Many of the scriptures admonish us to praise & worship God with instruments, singing, and dance. Music/worship is used for celebrations and warfare.

Our mission at THSA is to create songs from heaven that will penetrate the hearts of man that will change lives, heal, save and deliver. Songs that are focused on the power of God and His greatness. We service artists within the age range of 35 & above. Our ideal client is a worshipper of God who desires to share melodies from heaven through the creative process of writing, recording, and music production.

We are located in the Southern New Jersey region of the USA. We both are independent artists who understand the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to be the center of our creativity. Realizing that without the anointing it is just noise to God’s ears. Together we span over 40 years of experience, education, ups and downs, and hard work in the music industry. We take pride in creating a safe space where Independent Artists can be uniquely who God has designed and gifted them to be while giving them the tools and expertise to make an impact in the music industry that will leave a legacy of goodness and the glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Meet the owners Katrice Cornett & Elaine Sanders-Mayfield

Elaine Sanders-Mayfield


Elaine Sanders-Mayfield was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Deacon Cleveland and Missionary Pearlie Sanders was the 8th and last child of the Sanders children. After her father’s retirement from the military, her family took up residence in Willingboro, NJ. A large portion of the family still remains in Willingboro today. She began singing at the age of 6 and attempted her first solo at 12 years old. She seriously accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior in 1972 and was baptized at the El-Bethel Baptist Church of Trenton, NJ, where the Rev. Dr. John A. Gaines was her pastor. Elaine continued on her Christian journey, growing in the word and ministering as a soloist, with her family and other gospel groups. Elaine sang background for Tramaine Hawkins for 2 years (READ MORE)