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My Thoughts on The Corona Virus Pandemic  

Before I begin let me make this disclaimer.  These are my thoughts on the coronavirus according to what the Holy Spirit has ministered to me during this time of uncertainty in the world.  I was trying to stay away from this topic because it can be so controversial and that is not what this blog is about.  I believe that those of us who have been blessed with a platform that is promoting and proclaiming Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God have a responsibility to use our voices to speak the truth of the…

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My Secret Ingredient - The Curse Stops Here 

I AM A Child of GOD. His righteousness and the resurrected power of Jesus Christ lives in me. He has given me Superpowers. Yes, there are powers that I can use to make miracles signs, and wonders happen in this world today. 

What I do know about Super Powers is that they are not always in action. My life looks like my next-door neighbor and my co-worker, Except I have powers. No one can see them or will experience them until they are activated. This is where many of us miss the mark. Understanding our…

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Forgiveness - The Curse Stops Here 

"Jesus speaks about and teaches about forgiveness consistently through His lifetime. His sacrifice for us was about grace, forgiveness, remission of sins we could not earn and we truly don’t deserve. Yet and still, we refuse to forgive others. We hold on to past hurts and misdoings like it’s our right to be unforgiving. I proclaim that the Curse Stops Here! Forgiveness is a command from God and we must truly accept it from Him first through His Son Jesus Christ." ~ Katrice Cornett

This is an excerpt from a…

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